Knick knack, paddy whack, give your dog a phone 

We know that your dog’s physical health and wellbeing is your priority at all times, the Furryfit app is there to support you and to provide you with valuable information.  It enables you to monitor their fitness, their weight and also has a valuable reminder suite. Download the app, grab your dog and take both for a walk. You'll both love it.


Track activity, steps taken, calories burned (taking into account factors including your dog’s breed, age, weight and whether they’ve been neutered) and distance travelled. It does this by simply counting the steps you have taken registered on your device and multiplying by the average length of your dog’s stride based on the breed you’ve selected. The result is an estimate of total distance for the day.  Multiple dogs? Easily swipe through to select and compare their activity.


Furryfit will calculate your dogs ideal weight using the breed and age of your dog as entered in the initial setup, if the weight of your dog is different which in most occasions it will not be an exact match then you can amend this weight. Every time you weigh your dog, record their weight into the Furryfit app and build up a valuable history of how their weight changes over time. See how it compares to their average weight, and get an automatic alert if your dog’s weight varies by more than 10%.


Have you ever missed an appointment or a particular date?  Have you ever forgotten to compare renewal prices for annual pet insurance? Well if the answer if yes then let the Furryfit app jog your memory on just the right date, at just the right time - life is busy enough in your human calendar without having to remember your pet's dates.


All the time your GPS is running on your device or your pet has its Furryfit device activated then your walk history will be stored on the app.  If you forget to take your device but know the distance you have travelled and your rough steps then you can manually add this so that your fitness dashboard is as accurate as it can be.


The Furryfit app whilst it is not set up to make diet and food quantity recommendations will give the pet owner the ability to track and monitor food intake and monitor fluctuations in weight which will assist the owner in making decisions regarding food and diet using the information to hand.