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My name is Rachel and I am the owner of Furrypeeps.  I am a curious and ambitious woman who is passionate about my pets and the welfare of my pets.  My pets are centric to my life and my reason for founding Furrypeeps.


The team at Furrypeeps recognise the importance of good breeding, exercise and as important, play.  We also are passionate about the environment hence so whilst not all of our products are from sustainable sources we endeavour to sell as many sustainable sourced products as we can.


We have recently had the misfortune of nearly losing a dear pet from the swallowing of stuffing from a toy and again although not all of our toys are stuffing free we do stock stuffing free toys.

 Our toys are designed to bring joy to puppies and to dogs in their twilight years alike and we hope you also enjoy this interaction too - it's important and great for the health and wellbeing of both owner and pet.

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